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For our first ROTM (we just made an acronym) Stonebriar Community Church in Texas wanted a way to dynamically display their weekly video announcements on their dashboard. The recipe we created for them is able to automatically pull a video directly from Vimeo or Youtube (Youtube displayed in example code) along with the video’s preview image and plays the video natively in the PocketPlatform media player. For Stonebriar, the process of changing the weekly video couldn’t be easier – they simply update two configuration entries in MinistryPlatform, and the video announcements update across their entire installed user base. This recipe is easy to adjust for different video hosting solutions as well, for significant versatility across environments.

To use the recipe, you will need to add a config setting to MP for “POCKETPLATFORM” with the Key of “YTVideoID” and put the Youtube video id in that field. The original query was designed to send the user to the YouTube via the native app or browser.

/*Copy and Paste Y’all*/

DECLARE @YTVideoID nvarchar(50) = (SELECT Value FROM dp_Configuration_Settings WHERE Application_Code = 'POCKETPLATFORM' AND Key_Name = 'YTVideoID') DECLARE @YTLink nvarchar(250) = 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=' + @YTVideoID DECLARE @YTImage nvarchar(250) = CONCAT('https://img.youtube.com/vi/', @YTVideoID, '/0.jpg') insert into @Items(ID, Parent_ID, [Type], Data, URL) VALUES ('minute-group', null, 'group', null, @YTLink), ('minute-graphic', 'minute-group', 'graphic', @YTImage, null), ('minute-card', 'minute-group', 'card', null, @YTLink), ('minute-text', 'minute-card', 'text', 'Weekly Update', null);

Do you need a special recipe, or have one you’d like to share?

If you have something awesome, you’d like to do on your dashboard or something you think might be awesome for other MP churches, send us a note. Just let us know.

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