If you have the new Livestream Endpoint, it’s important to understand your data first to ensure you are successful. Our team put together a guide on the fields that will appear for each livestream “record”:

  • Stream_Title: this appears under the tile on Roku + AppleTV


  • Description: optional, a description of the content


  • Start_Date: the date + time the livestream should begin appearing


  • End_Date: the date + time the livestream should stop appearing


  • Stream_URL: the media URL (typically a M3U8 link) to be played when the tile is clicked


  • Sort_Order: when more than 1 livestream tile is active, this determines the order in which they appear


For your graphics: the livestream tile will include the default graphic from the Livestream record in MP, so attach a 1920×1080 graphic to the record.

If you have any issues as you set up your Livestream, the PocketPlatform HelpDesk is always ready and happy to help!

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