In-App Links: Overview

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2021 @ 10:25 am

Did you know that you can link to just about any screen or view in your app right from The Dashboard? It’s true! With the proper formatting of link URLs you can direct your users to events, sermons, opportunities, General Content Engine posts, and more!

How can I use these URLs?

You can use these URLs anywhere in your dashboard or in “Link” type fields in the PocketPlatform tables in Ministry Platform. A great example would be as a link in a Dashboard announcement or in a CreateTextItem Dashboard Recipe.

Please Note

Each URL may contain at one or two phrases surrounded by curly braces, like {this}. These phrases represent a particular object’s record ID in Ministry Platform. You should be able to see the appropriate record ID by opening that record in Ministry Platform and looking at the title bar. Do not include the curly braces when entering the URL!

Record ID in Ministry Platform

Record ID Example in Ministry Platform





Sermons, Sermon Series, and Sermon Notes

Screen DestinationIn-App URL
Sermon Series[[APP_PREFIX]]sermon_series/{series_id}
Sermon Notes[[APP_PREFIX]]sermon_notes/{sermon_id}*

* Be sure to use the sermon_id and not the custom form id.

Events and Opportunities

Screen DestinationIn-App URL
All Events[[APP_PREFIX]]app/events
Event Detail Page[[APP_PREFIX]]event/{event_id}
All Opportunities[[APP_PREFIX]]app/opportunities
Opportunity Detail View[[APP_PREFIX]]opportunity/{opportunity_id}

Special Use Events and Opportunities

There are some “special use” URL types that are unlikely to be used, but are still available.  Directing users to these URLs without giving them detailed instructions as to where they are going or why could lead to confusion, so be sure you communicate well what the destination is in the originating request!


Screen DestinationIn-App URL
All Groups[[APP_PREFIX]]app/groups
Group Signup[[APP_PREFIX]]group_signup/{group_id}
Group Inquiry[[APP_PREFIX]]group_inquiry/{group_id}

Reading Plans

Screen DestinationIn-App URL
Reading Plan Screen[[APP_PREFIX]]reading_plan/{plan_id}
Reading Plan Day Detail[[APP_PREFIX]]reading_plan_day/{plan_day_id}

General Content Engine

The Pocket Platform General Content Engine is a tool that allows you to create general use text and richly formatted posts for use in Pocket Platform.  For more information about the GCE, see KB article: General Content Engine.

Screen DestinationIn-App URL
GCE Post[[APP_PREFIX]]gce/{gce_post_id}

User Profile Screen

Want to make a quick shortcut to the user’s profile screen? Easy enough to do.  Simply use the In-App URL to direct a button or link to the User’s Profile Screen.

Screen DestinationIn-App URL
User Profile[[APP_PREFIX]]profile

Other Links

Screen DestinationIn-App URL
Custom Forms[[APP_PREFIX]]custom_form/{ID}/{form_name}
Connect Card[[APP_PREFIX]]connect_card
Lists of Lists[[APP_PREFIX]]lists/{list_id}