Media Manager Tool Overview

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2019 @ 4:18 pm

PocketPlatform’s Media Manager CoreTool brings you the power and flexibility of a world class Content Delivery Network for hosting and serving your sermons, providing direct links to a compressed, efficient MP4, m3u8 playlist, MP3 audio file, and even a text transcription, all from just uploading a single source video file!

After a newly uploaded sermon video has completed processing, both the audio and video version are automatically assigned to the appropriate sermon, all you have to do is enable the completed attachments and you’re ready to go!

PocketPlatform Media Manager

Opening the Media Manager CoreTool

Starting the transcription process in MinistryPlatform is very simple. First, you need to open the coretool for the sermon for which you are adding media.

  1. Open the Sermon Page View
    • In MinistryPlatform, open the sermons page under PocketPlatform
  2. Select a Sermon
    • Select the sermon record to which you would like to attach a media file. Please Note: You can also enter the sermon series directly.
  3. Open the Media Manager CoreTool
PocketPlatform Sermons List in MinistryPlatform

PocketPlatform > Sermons


Select a Sermon


Select “Media Manager” from the tools list

Starting the Transcoding Process

Building and managing the proper video and audio files for use online can be daunting and complex. That’s why we took all the guesswork out of the process! By uploading just one video file to the PocketPlatform Media Manager, we will create all the formats you need to properly distribute your media through your PocketPlatform app and other online destinations.  All files are available for you to download after conversion too.

By this point you should have already opened the Media Manager coretool for the sermon that you are managing. If you do not have this window available, please follow the previous steps in Starting The Transcription Process above.

Select your source file

Use the File Selection field to select your video file, and click “Start Job”

Media Manager CoreTool View | PocketPlatform

Select a file and upload!

Please Note: The maximum upload size is 10GB, which in most cases is more than enough for a 40-60 minute video file.  Due to the large size of raw video, we do not support uploading raw format video. Please save your video in a compressed playback format before uploading to the Media Manager.

Currently, PocketPlatform supports MP4, MOV and AVI source video files.

See what’s going on

Once you’ve started the Transcoding and Transcribing process, the Media Manager window will continuously update, showing you the status of your current media job.

The status window will update along the way, showing estimated time remaining for each portion of the job

Once your Transcription and Transcoding job has completed – congratulations! You now have all you need to start serving your video and audio through the PocketPlatform app.

This window contains links to download the MP4, MP3, and transcription text, as well as the HLS stream URL and automatically generated thumbnail URL.

Media Manager - Completed Job | PocketPlatform

Current Transcription and Transcoding Status


Download Links


Streaming Link


Auto-Generated Thumbnail

Please Note:  It is not necessary to keep this window open during this process. The job will continue even if you close this window. You can return to this window at any time by selecting the sermon and opening the CoreTool.

Enabling Video and Audio files on Sermons

Once the Media Manager job is complete, the coretool automatically adds the video and audio files directly to the sermon page record in MinistryPlatform!  All you need to do at this point is change it’s status from “hidden” to “published”

  1. Open the sermon page record
  2. Open each link in the sermon and set to “Published”
  3. That’s it!

Your sermon media is ready to stream right in the PocketPlatform app!