Lists of Lists: An Overview

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2021 @ 11:38 am

Great news for those of you who want more control over the organization of your app! Lists of Lists is a new, highly flexible tool that allows you endless opportunities to organize your content. You can link to Lists of Lists items from the left- or right-hand navigation menus, or from the Dashboard. And since Title is the only field required, you have a lot of flexibility for how you present your list items!

This is an example of a list item

Creating a new List of Lists

Creating a new list

  1. Open the PocketPlatform folder in the MinistryPlatform Nouns
  2. Click “Lists of Lists”
  3. Click “New” to create a new list

Required information

The following fields are available when creating a new sermon series.  Names in red are required.

  1. Parent List – The list above this one in the hierarchy.
  2. Title – The title / name of the list
  3. Display Title – The title of your list that will be displayed. This text is bold and larger than the subtitle and description
  4. Subtitle – Additional descriptive text about the list. This text is slightly smaller than the Display Title but larger than the Description
  5. Description – Further descriptive text about the list.
  6. Link URL – The link that this item should open to. If this list item will open to a list of lists, you can leave the link URL blank (those list items will be tied to this list through the Parent List field). This article provides common in-app links. You can also link to a webpage outside the app.
  7. Start Date – The date when the list becomes available
  8. End Date – The date when the list ceases to be available

Be sure to save your new list after you have filled out all fields!


Adding a List Image

Once you have saved your new list, you can easily add an image. This image will appear at the top of the list and can be used in addition to – or instead of – the text fields.

  1. If the List you want to add an image to is not already open, open it by opening the PocketPlatform folder in the MinistryPlatform Nouns, selecting “Lists of Lists” and clicking the name of the List you would like to use.
  2. Once the record is open, click the button “Attach a file”
  3. Select an image file from your computer to use for the list using the MinistryPlatform dialog that appears.

Some Examples of Lists of Lists

A list item with an image, display title, subtitle, and description

A list of lists where each item has an image and description

A list of lists where each item uses just the Display Title