Filtered Lists: An Overview

One of the many great features of Lists of Lists is the ability to create filtered lists using the Link URL field.


Example: yourchurch://filtered_sermons?Sermon_Date>=2020-01-01&Sermon_Date<=2020-12-31&title=Sermons+from+2020

yourchurch://: Your app prefix. You can reach out to our support team to find out your app prefix.

filtered_sermons: The route path

?Sermon_Date>=2020-01-01&Sermon_Date<=2020-12-31: The selection criteria you’re using to filter. “Sermon_Date>=2020-01-01&Sermon_Date<=2020-12-31” means you are only selecting Sermon records with a Sermon Date on or after (>=) 01/01/2020 and on or before (<=) 12/31/2020. In other words, you’re selecting Sermon records between 01/01/2020 and 12/31/2020.

If the field name has a space, remember to replace the space with an underscore. For example, “Sermon Date” becomes “Sermon_Date.”

&title=Sermons+from+2020: The title that appears at the top of the screen

Please Note

The following URL examples may contain at one or two numbers surrounded by curly braces, like this: {100}. These numbers represent a particular object’s record ID in MinistryPlatform. You should be able to see the appropriate record ID by opening that record in Ministry Platform and looking at the title bar.

The curly braces may appear around a phrase, like {this}. These {phrases} represent some criteria to be replaced.

Do not include the curly braces when entering the URL!






The Filters

Opportunities: {your app prefix}filtered_opportunities_grid?{Selection_Criteria}&{Title}

Example: yourchurch://filtered_opportunities_grid?Program_ID=10&Youth+Opportunities

Events: {your app prefix}filtered_events_grid?{Selection_Criteria}&{Title}

Example: yourchurch://filtered_events_grid?Event_Type_ID=15&title=Classes

Groups: {your app prefix}filtered_groups_list?{Selection_Criteria}&{Title}

Example: yourchurch://filtered_groups_list?Congregation_ID=4&Group_Type_ID=22&title=Church+Groups

Sermons: {your app prefix}filtered_sermons?{Selection_Criteria}&{Title}

Example: yourchurch://filtered_sermons?Speaker_ID=27&title=Sermons+by+John+Doe

Frequently Asked Questions

What fields can I use for filtering?

You can filter based on almost any of the record fields in MinistryPlatform. Some fields, however, are foreign keys used to link to other tables. For example, the “Congregation” field in the Sermon record.

To filter Sermons based on Congregation, you’ll need to open the linked record to fetch the Congregation ID.

Then, use the ID field for your filtering criteria. For example, Congregation_ID=1.

Using the filter yourchurch://filtered_sermons?Congregation_ID=1 will display a list of all Sermons associated with the Main Congregation (Congregation ID = 1).

Can I filter on multiple IDs? For example, can I create a filtered list using three different Program IDs? 

Yes! To use multiple IDs in your selection criteria, separate them with a comma. For example, Program_ID=1,2,3.

What if I want to filter on multiple fields? For example, I want to create a list of small group events for a specific campus. 

If you want to use multiple fields, separate them with “&.” For example, Congregation_ID=100&Group_Type_ID=300.

How can I include spaces in my title?  

To include spaces in your title, separate each word with a plus (+) sign. For example, &title=Title+Has+Spaces.