FastPass and Checkin Options

There have been two options for checkin with PocketPlatform: FastPass and Checkin. Fastpass uses “Family QR codes” that are generated from the user’s household ID, while Checkin uses barcodes that are usually generated using the Family Call number but may be sourced from other values as well.

Moving forward the default PocketPlatform configuration will use FastPass Checkin (with QR codes), but barcode-based checkin is still available upon request.

This Article explains the requirements for each checkin type.

Checkin Examples

Checkin Standard

  • Uses standard barcode scanners (Scanners must be able to scan phone screens, not all scanners can)
  • If you do not already have family call numbers associated with each of your households, you will need to have them generated
  • Does not allow pre-registration and auto-printing of badges. When scanning a barcode at a checkin station, the user will be presented with options.

FastPass Checkin

  • Requires scanners that can read QR codes from phone screens
  • Family QR code is automatically generated based on the Household ID number
  • If users have pre-checked in with FastPass, scanning the QR code expedites the checkin process by allowing the user to print off the badges they need quickly.

The Checkin Drawer Item

In your drawer, you may have an option for “check-in”. Regardless of whether or not you have FastPass enabled, this menu option presents the user with a static method to login via CheckIn Suite. FastPass enabled apps will see a QR code, Non-FastPass enabled apps will see a barcode.

Please be aware that it is not possible to have both checkin options available, you must use either FastPass or Barcode-based checkin.

The Dashboard and FastPass

When a user has an event coming up that is available for checkin (based on the early and late checkin values in MP), they will see a new option on the dashboard to “Check in with FastPass”. To generate a FastPass login, the user will need to tap that dashboard item and check in the family members that they would like, and then scan their Family QR code at a checkin station.

Enabling FastPass Checkin

If you are ready to enable FastPass for your congregation, please send us an email requesting that FastPass be enabled. Once we have enabled FastPass, any users with the latest version of the app will have the option to check in via the dashboard, or by using the pregenerated QR code in the drawer (if available) without going through the fastpass process.

FastPass Mini FAQ

Unless you have a check-in option on your drawer, the only way to display a FastPass QR code is through the FastPass checkin on the Dashboard.  If you do not currently have a FastPass Checkin Entry on your dashboard please check the following:

  • Are you logged into your account on the PocketPlatform app?
  • Have you requested FastPass capability from PocketPlatform?
    • In order to limit confusion for your users, we keep FastPass turned off until requested. Please email us to request that FastPass be enabled.
  • Ensure you have events that fit the proper criteria:
    • Checkin enabled
    • A group that you belong to is attached to that event
    • Early/Late checkin values are correct

Family QR codes are the core of the FastPass experience, and are automatically generated by using the Family ID that’s stored right inside MinistryPlatform. While QR codes can only be read by specialized scanners, they are required for FastPass to function as intended.

Barcodes are similar to the UPC that you might find on the back of a product you purchase in a store and there’s no universal ‘rule’ for how these are generated, as different churches used different methods to check in to check in suite.

Moving forward, Family QR codes will be the standard method of performing check in with PocketPlatform.

If you are seeing the FastPass checkin on the dashboard, but it shows up too late or goes away too early, please check that you have the appropriate early/late checkin values assigned to the event in MinistryPlatform. If no values are entered for early or late checkin, FastPass will use the default MinistryPlatform values of 60 minutes for early checkin and 30 minutes for late checkin.

If you would like to make the Family QR code available on your app always, you have two options:

  • You may request the addition of a “checkin” option on the navigational menu, which will be added to your next recompile
  • You may request the addition of a “checkin code” dashbaord recipe which can be tapped at any time to display the QR code.

Please contact us with either request.  Accelerated recompile requests may incur additional costs.