PocketPlatform Connection Card

Last Updated: Apr 9, 2020 @ 3:00 pm


The Connection Card allows you to log several different engagement data points for a user at the same time. This is most commonly used to log information that attendees provide via the connection cards at the back of your pews, seats or bulletins.

Through the Connection Card, one individual can have the following records logged for them at one time:

  • Unlimited Milestone records (for example: faith commitment, baptism)
  • Unlimited Opportunity records for active Opportunities (for example: visitor, first impressions, service opportunities)
  • One Event registration for an Event ending within the last 30 days and next 60 days
  • One Prayer Request or Feedback Entry with a Note up to 2,000 characters


In order for options to show up on the Connection Card, the following needs to be setup:

  • Create or update desired Milestone records, and set the On Connection Card field to YES.
  • Create or update desired Opportunity records, and set the On Connection Card field to YES.The Opportunity must also be current – either no date specified or a future date in the Opportunity Date field.
  • Create or update desired Event records, and setup the On Connection Card field to YES.
  • Create or update desired Feedback Types in Lookup Values > Feedback Types (for example: Comment, Prayer Request).
  • Edit the Configuration Setting with Application Code “POCKETPLATFORM” and Key Name “ConnectCardIntro”


Information logged in MinistryPlatform via the Connection Card Tool can be used with MP Processes to automatically contact the individual the information is logged for, or to cue a staff person or volunteer to follow-up with the individual

Ideas for Using the Connection Card

Dashboard Recipes

Create a Dashboard Recipe that appears during your worship services times and encourage your members to connect with their church.  An articulate call to action will stimulate users to click the button and follow the steps.  If the Connection Card can be announced from the stage or included in on-screen announcements, users will be even more likely to engage.

User Navigation

Add the Connection Card link to your User Specific Navigation so that users have a convenient way to access the Connection Card from anywhere in the App.