*** Note: Only people who have been added to the testing program will have access to the Android Beta. We’ll need their email address to add them to the program. Once they’ve been added, follow these steps to join on the web. ***


  1. Click on the link and agree to become a Beta tester.

  1. Download the app on Google Play. Be sure to choose the first option, “download it on Google Play.” The other available link will download the public version of the app, not the Beta.  

  1. Click “Install.”

  1. You might have to select your device. 

  1. You’ll be prompted to verify your password. Enter your password and wait for the app to download. 

    You might need to manually update your app to see the latest version. Open the Play Store > Click on your account icon in the top right corner > Select “Manage apps & device” > Select “Updates available” > Click “Update” next to the desired app. 

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