Adding a Sermon Series

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2019 @ 2:15 pm

Every week, your senior pastor is preaching God’s Word, and now you need to get it into the hands of your congregation.  Fortunately, with PocketPlatform, this couldn’t be easier! Follow the instructions below to add a new sermon series, and then head on over to “Adding a sermon” to add a sermon!

Adding New Sermon Series

Creating a new Sermon Series

Creating a new record

  1. First, open the PocketPlatform folder in the MinistryPlatform Nouns
  2. Next, click “Sermon Series”
  3. Finally, create a new record.
Sermon Series - Add New

Open PocketPlatform


Select “Sermon Series”


Create a new record

Required information

The following fields are available when creating a new sermon series.  Names in red are required.

  1. Title – The title of the sermon series
  2. Display Title – If you would like the displayed name to be different than the title.
  3. Subtitle – Additional descriptive text about the sermon series
  4. Status – “Hidden” “Draft” or “Published”
  5. Position – The order the sermon series displays in on the app.

Be sure to save your new sermon series after you have filled out all fields!

Please note that your screen may be slightly different than what is shown here. You may have, for example, a “Series Start Date” field. You may fill these additional fields out as necessary.

Sermon Series Filled out

Adding a Series Image

Once you have saved your new series, you can easily add an image. This image will be used throughout the PocketPlatform application as a visual indicator of this series.

  1. If the Sermon Series you want to add an image to is not already open, open it by opening the PocketPlatform folder in the MinistryPlatform Nouns, selecting “Sermon Series” and clicking the name of the Series you would like to use.
  2. Once the record is open, click the button “Attach a file”
  3. Select an image file from your computer to use for the sermon series using the MinistryPlatform dialog that appears.

PocketPlatform has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of image dimensions, however for best results please use an image with the following dimensions:

  • 1920 x 1080
  • 72 dpi
Attach a file to a sermon series

Attach a file