Groups Map View Overview

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2019 @ 2:48 pm

The groups map view offers an exciting and easy-to-use method of presenting your community and small group offerings to your congregation!  Simply configure the groups you have available with an address and latitude and longitude coordinates, and then you’ll be able to see the pins on the map.  Follow the instructions below to ensure that you have this set up properly.

PocketPlatform | Groups Map on Phone

Adding an Address to a Group

The first thing we need to do is add an address to a group that we would like to feature on the maps.  The only requirement that PocketPlatform has for address display is the Latitude and Longitude values in the address.

If your group DOES NOT have an address assigned to it:

  1. First, create an address.  In the MinistryPlatform nouns, open the “Lookup Values” folder and click on “Addresses”
  2. Create a new address, ensuring that you have added Latitude and Longitude to the address
  3. Assign this new Offsite Meeting Address to your group by opening the Groups noun and editing the appropriate record.

If your group DOES have an address assigned to it:

  1. In the MinistryPlatform nouns, click “Groups” and then open the record for the group you would like to assign.
  2. Click the “link” icon next to the Offsite Meeting Address and edit the address, adding the Latitude and Longitude

See the next section, “How do I get the Latitude and Longitude?” for more information on obtaining the Latitude and Longitude

Addresses in Lookup Values in MinistryPlatform

Addresses in Lookup Values in MinistryPlatform

How do I get the Latitude and Longitude?

So – you’ve got a group. You have an address.  You just need to get the latitude and longitude so it’ll show up on the map, right?

Well, it’s super easy, so let’s dive right in!

Step 1

Go to and enter your destination address into the search field.

Entering an Address into Google Maps

Step 2

Right click near-ish the pin that google drops and click “What’s Here?”

What's Here on Google Maps

Step 3

Glean the Latitude and Longitude from the small area at the bottom of the screen.

Reading Latitude and Longitude

In this example, the latitude is 35.783753 and the longitude is -78.783051