Adding an Image

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2021 @ 3:48 pm

Increase engagement in your PocketPlatform app by adding images to your Opportunities, Groups, and Events in MinistryPlatform! Plus, most dashboard recipes require Opportunities and Events to have a default image set in order to display them on the dashboard, so having an image attached is an all-around good thing to do.

Please be aware that this article assumes that you have an Opportunity, Event or Group created already. For more information on creating these resources, please visit the MinistryPlatform Knowledgebase: Opportunities, Groups, Events.

Opportunities Images

Adding an Image

The image associated with these instructions is the Opportunities Page in MinistryPlatform. The “Attach File” button remains the same whether you are setting up a Group, Opportunity, or Event.

  1. In the MinistryPlatform Nouns, select “Opportunities” (or Groups, or Events)
  2. Click on the Object to which  you would like to add the image
  3. Click the “Attach a File” Button and upload a new image
Add image to Opportunity

Image Best Practices

While PocketPlatform will display a wide variety of image sizes and formats without issue, you can foster a more robust and engaging environment for your users with some consideration in how you format your images.  PocketPlatform was designed with the understanding that the majority of church graphics are created to be used on a standard 16:9 ratio screen. Below, you will find examples of different images with text and how they display on the opportunities screen.

Click the images below to see them in more detail.

16:9, balanced text area
16:9 With balanced text
Tall Image
Tall Image
Wide-Format Image
Wide-Format Image
16:9, Oversized Text Area
16:9 - Oversized Text Area