Adding a sermon to a sermon series

So – you’ve created a Sermon Series, and now you need to add some sermons to it. Well, rest easy, because with your MinistryPlatform know how and the PocketPlatform app, this is one skill you’ll have mastered before your coffee gets cold!

Please note: In order to add a Sermon to a Sermon Series, you must have already created at least one PocketPlatform Service Type, one Sermon Speaker, and one Sermon Series. If you have not done these, please refer to the appropriate articles before continuing!

Creating a New Sermon

Creating a new record

  1. First, open the PocketPlatform folder in the MinistryPlatform Nouns
  2. Next, click “Sermons”
  3. Finally, create a new record.
Create a New Sermon





Create New Record

Required Information

The following fields are available when creating a new sermon.  Names in red are required.

  1. Series – The sermon series {link} this sermon belongs to
  2. Congregation – The congregation this sermon originated from.
  3. PocketPlatform Service Type – The type of service this was.  Most churches only have one.  For more information, see this KB article {link}
  4. Title – The title of the sermon
  5. Subtitle – The subtitle of the sermon
  6. Description – A detailed description of the sermon
  7. Sermon Date – The date the sermon was originally preached
  8. Sermon Speaker – The individual who gave the sermon. For more information about sermon speakers, please see this KB article {link}
  9. Scripture Links – The relevant scripture for the sermon.
  10. Position – The display order of the sermon
  11. Use for Podcast – this field is deprecated and has no effect
  12. Status – “Draft”, “Hidden”, or “Published” – the status of this sermon.
  13. Notes Form – a link to a custom form in MP for this sermon to be used as interactive sermon notes.

Be sure to save your new sermon after you have filled out all fields!

PocketPlatform | The Fields of the Create New Sermon Screen

Adding a Sermon Image

Once you have saved your new sermon, you can easily add an image. This image will be used throughout the PocketPlatform application as a visual indicator of this sermon.

  1. If the Sermon you want to add an image to is not already open, open it by opening the PocketPlatform folder in the MinistryPlatform Nouns, selecting “Sermons” and clicking the name of the Sermon you would like to use.
  2. Once the record is open, click the button “Attach a file”
  3. Select an image file from your computer to use for the sermon series using the MinistryPlatform dialog that appears.

PocketPlatform has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of image dimensions, however for best results please use an image with the following dimensions:

  • 1920 x 1080
  • 72 dpi
Attach an Image to a sermon

Attaching a file