Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about PocketPlatform? That’s great, because we have answers!  If you have a question not covered in the FAQ below, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you quickly!

PocketPlatform is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

First, your church should definitely be using MinistryPlatform.

In order to use PocketPlatform your church must also use MinistryPlatform.

PocketPlatform was built from the ground up to completely integrate with MinistryPlatform. To make managing your app super easy, we even made MinistryPlatform the content management system for the app.

If you would like more information on bringing MinistryPlatform to your church contact the awesome team at ThinkMinistry.

If you can use MinistryPlatform, you can use PocketPlatform. We integrated your app directly with MinistryPlatform so while you are doing tasks that you already do, like adding events, opportunity and groups, with a few clicks that same content can also be live in your app. No additional CMS to manage or copying and pasting to three different places.

Absolutely! In fact, we’d love the opportunity to spend some time with you and share our passion for using technology to support ministry.  Schedule a demo right here and we promise you’ll have a great experience!

The short answer is: YES!  PocketPlatform is completely giving impartial, and we have a solution to handle giving via the app for every giving provider currently operating in the ministry space.  In fact, we even fully integrate with most giving providers and can prepare all giving processes right in the app before sending the user to finalize their payment in the browser.

Currently, due to Apple’s policies on charitable donations as in app purchases, it’s not practical to implement this at this moment.  We are always looking for ways to stay within the rules of the app stores, and will implement in-app donations as soon as it’s the right solution.  We do, however, integrate with most giving providers and can send users directly to the giving portal already logged and and ready to donate!

We believe the primary thing that separates us from other providers is our steadfast focus on helping connect your congregation into the body life of the church. We’d go so far as to say that is our calling, and we do our best to live it out everyday.

We believe that life change happens when a person is deeply connected into the life of their local church. 

We do this through rich, personal and customized content for each user. By integrating with MinistryPlatform we are able to know information about the user, such as their age, gender, address, family members, interests and registrations. PocketPlatform enables you to deliver customized content that specifically pertains to them. We believe this reduces information not relevant to them and increases engagement.

The dashboard is truly the heartbeat of your app and it is what separates us from every other provider. It delivers relevant and personalized content for each and every user at just the right time. Want to show a message only to single fathers with a child in the 8th grade? We can do that.  Want to display an event to 34-year-old married women who haven’t signed up for an event in three years, two days, and 21 minutes, precisely? Well, we wouldn’t recommend that, but you can do it!

With the PocketPlatform Dashboard, the possibilities are endless.

Yes! You certainly can, as the Dashboard is controlled by stored procedures inside of the MinistryPlatform Database. These stored procedures are written in SQL so a little knowledge is required, or if you need help, our team is always there for you.