What’s Going On Recipe

This month’s ROTM is a really fun one that a member of our community came up with. Here’s the idea:

A church member comes on campus anytime during the week for an event but isn’t registered…how do they find the room?

Enter the “What’s Going On” recipe.

Here’s the criteria:
* If a user is
+ on campus
+ registered for an event
+ that begins within 30 minutes
+ then the dashboard will display that event
* If a user
+ is not registered for any events that begin within 30 minutes
+ is on campus
+ then the dashboard will display events that are happening now or start within a 30 minute window, and has a link to all events
+ the user can click on an event to find room information and start times

This is a really fun one because it can help a user even when they aren’t registered for a specific event.

Click here to view the code

Do you need a special recipe, or have one you’d like to share?

If you have something awesome, you’d like to do on your dashboard or something you think might be awesome for other MP churches, send us a note. Just let us know.

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  1. Jason Johnston
    Jason Johnston says:

    Is this just as simple as adding it as a stored procedure? If so this is awesome can’t wait to see more.


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